A long day

What a long day. Started with BNI Business Breakfast Meeting in Broadstairs, then to a client in Wye, followed by Kingston, Dover and finally Broadstairs.

For one customer I setup a router and removed their old SpeedTouch USB broadband device that connected them to Talktalk.  Tried to do it last week and failed.  Turned out that Talktalk had a problem. Went easily today.

And guess what.  Yes, you’ve got it, another Fake Security program.  And this one was quite difficult to remove as it even continued to work in Safe Mode and would not let me install any further malware scanners. Had to start up the computer with my Puppy Linux operating system which loads into RAM and then look for strange looking files. Found 2 of them and deleted them.  Everything was OK then. Yet again, this was another case where McAfee Security Centre was not doing its job in stopping scareware from entering a computer.