Apple react after 600000 Apple Computers infected

April 13, 2012

A Trojan called Flashback that only affected Apple Computers has infected about 600,000 machines around the world.  50% are in the US but there are infected machines in this country as well.  This certainly removes the claim the Apple computers are immune to infection.

I first warned a friend about the Trojan on 24th February 2012.  It has taken until now for Apple to do anything about it.  The infection arrived through a Java vulnerability that Apple have now patched.  To see a report click here.

It is now clearly time to put security software in Mac Computers Kaspersky have an Antivirus for Mac although it is cheaper to buy from Amazon.  You may also consider security for your smart phone as well in which case you may want to consider Kaspersky One.

If you would like to read more about the effect of Flashback and its spread around the world look at this article