Britain wakes up to CryptoLocker

November 18, 2013

At the end of last month I reported on a case of CryptoLocker.

Last week the British press started to wake up to the danger.  On 15th November the BBC reported that the Police had issued a warning that a spam email could result in your files being encrypted.

On the same day it was reported by the Taunton Daily Gazette that the Police in Swansea had been affected by CryptoLocker and had paid up $750 (2 virtual Bitcoins) to get them back.  Although the report did say that the Police got their files back, other reports from around the world state that recovery is not guaranteed by paying.  To me it seems amazing that the police are encouraging criminal activity by paying a ransom.

In another article in Naked Security by the antivirus company Sophos steps you can take to prevent the infection and safeguard your files have been outlined.

The main things are:

1. Don’t open emails that come from an unknown source especially if they carry attachments.

2. Have a good, up-to-date security program installed.

3. Make backups of your files.  If disaster does strike, you don’t lose them.

4. Keep your computer and programs up-to-date.