Budget day

Last week I made a customer very happy!  Her laptop had done something peculiar (couldn’t fathom out the cause) whilst on holiday and all of her data disappeared.  It just wasn’t there any more.  A lot of her programs also disappeared at the same time although the laptop still booted up OK.  In particular my customer wanted her precious family photos back again

So I took the machine away and installed her hard drive in another computer as a slave drive and set a recovery scan running.  The scan of the 80 million or so clusters on the drive took a long time but I got the photos back.  Happy customer!

But the moral of the story must surely be, have a backup of all of your data.

Budget Day today.  Well, the Chancellor gave us some relief on the escalating fuel cost which is a relief to me with traveling around the area to customers. Beware though of the sort of email I frequently receive pretending to be from the Inland Revenue with the subject about A Tax Rebate.  The Inland Revenue do not communicate by email.  Such emails are scams that will ask you for your account details, card numbers etc. They claim that they will put your rebate into your account. They will in fact do the complete opposite.