Fake Antivirus scams have started appearring again

July 20, 2012

Fake Antivirus scams used to be quite common.  You would get a window appear that looked like an antivirus program scanning your PC and then suggesting that you had lots of Trojan infections.  Their claims were complete fiction of course.  The infection you had was the scam program itself.

People who were taken in by the scam made the mistake of clicking to remove the infections, for which they had to give their credit card details and pay quite a lot of dollars (yes, dollars … that should have given them a clue).   In doing so, they paid their money to criminals who now also had their credit card details.

I haven’t seen one of these scams since 21/06/2011 until this week when I have dealt with two cases.

So beware!  Don’t be taken in by scammers.