Google and privacy 1

Mrach 5, 2012

If you do not have any Google accounts you actually sign into with a username and password nothing can be saved in history that is personalised.  In other words, if you don’t use iGoogle, Gmail, Picasa (where you save photos to the web), Youtube (with signing in), Google+ etc no history can be saved by Google that is personalised to you.  In other words if you use Google search or Youtube without sign in nothing is personalised to you.

Most people have their browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and so on set to remember cookies.  In the case of any Google platform, cookies will be created and saved by your computer and will tell Google next time you perhaps carry out a Google search what you searched for previously.  This will enable them to target advertising they think is relevant to you.  If for example you had searched for a hotel in Devon, you might find advertising links appearing in future about tourist attractions in Devon.  Up to 180days of Google search activity can be saved in cookies.

You can delete browsing history in Internet Explorer by clicking on the Tools menu followed by Internet Options.  Then click the Delete button followed by making sure that there is a tick against Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and more items if you wish.  Make sure that there is NO tick against “Preserve Favourites website data”.   You can automatically delete your History by putting a tick in the box circled in blue.  Click on the top 3 images below:

If you are using Firefox follow the bottom 3 images.  Click the Tools menu followed by Clear recent history.  Make sure that the time range to clear says Everything and that there are ticks against Cookies and Cache if not more items.