Google and privacy 2

Do you have a user account with Google and sign into iGoogle, Youtube, Gmail, Google+, Picasa, Google News, Google Calendar etc?  If you do, you search activity will be automatically saved and shared between the different platforms.  Google say this is to enable them to improve you web experience by enabling them to target advertising links that are likely to be of interest to you.  For example, if you search for Jamie Oliver on Google you may find in future links for recipes, cook books, food sales and on YouTube video links for cooking.  If you think that this is good, do nothing.  If you do not like your history on the web being saved, read on …

Go to a Google page and sign in to your account: 








Once you are in you will see something similar to this:




You can see that I have previously uploaded my mugshot to the account.

Click on the little arrow just to the right of the photo.





If you want to read more about Google’s privacy policy click Privacy.

To change your privacy setting click on Account settings.


On the page that appears click Go to web history.







You finally get to this page where you need to click No thanks if you do not want your web history saved.


And that’s it!