Hard drive full up

A customer recently complained that her laptop was running very slowly and that the hard drive would not defragment as it was full up.

When I checked I found that there was less than 1% free space. To defragment the hard drive properly you must have at least 15% free space.

I managed to find about 2.5 GB of temporary files to delete. Temporary internet files, temporary Windows files, folders related to uninstalling Windows updates and so on. To make a bit more space I deleted all restore points and then created a new one … I judged that this was safe as the machine was running all right other than being a bit slow.

Next I uninstalled some programs that were no longer needed. That still only got me to 10% free space.

Then I realised that the hard drive was in 2 partitions of approximately 30 GB each and that the D-drive had very little in it. So I then set the machine to move the documents, pictures and music of the two users from the C to the D-drive.  That got me to 13% free on the C-drive. Still not 15% but it would allow the defragmenter to run. It wouldn’t defragment as well as it could but the drive was certainly left in a better state with the laptop running faster.