Kaspersky Internet Security does well again

January 3, 2013

I have been recommending Kaspersky Internet Security for a number of years and yet again it gets top marks.  In a recent report on Expert Reviews Kaspersky was ahead of all its rivals.  Their overall scoring was out of 300, Kaspersky getting 298, Norton 284, ESET 280, Bit defender 274, TrendMicro  246, AVG  224 and Microsoft 124.

In an article from the San Francisco Chronicle it has been reported that there has been a dramatic increase in viruses travelling around the Internet during 2012.  They claim that this is due to more people that ever doing their holiday shopping on the Internet and they haven’t given their computer a check-up before doing online business or purchases.

In another article from The Inquisitor there is a prediction for 2013 that countries like Iran and North Korea will try to lash out at the world with increasingly sophisticated viruses and malware.  Furthermore, these threats will not just affect computers but also smart phones and tablets with social media and web apps on the Cloud being a newer source of threat.

To increase the level of doom and gloom, there are some that argue that antivirus programs are not doing enough to protect us and that the bad guys are always one step ahead.  Antivirus programs work primarily by matching virus signatures that are regularly downloaded to computers to recognise potential threats.  This means that the security company first has to detect a new virus in the internet, analyse it, produce the signature and place it on their servers for distribution.  The Indian Economic Times claims that may well be too late.  PCMag.com also claims that antivirus software is woefully inadequate and that it often took weeks for antivirus companies to put out new signatures.

Well, you may say, what is the point of having an antivirus program at all?  Or if I do, what is the point of paying for one?  You might as well save money and use free versions of AVG or Avast!  I my experience, if you do not have an antivirus program, your computer will become infected.  I have found now for quite a number of years that Kaspersky does the job well for me.  My computers have not become infected despite attacks.  And in case any of you are wondering, no, I am not being paid by Kaspersky to sponsor them.  Wish I was because I have installed it on lots of computers!  I just like using something I feel is good.

And as a final footnote to my rant about security, yes, it often does take a very long time for some infections to be detected.  The Flame Trojan is thought to have been around the Internet for about 2 years before it was detected.  It is a very sophisticated Trojan similar to the Stuxnet worm that in a cyberwarfare manner attacked the nuclear installations in Iran.  Guess what, it was Kaspersky that was the first to detect the Flame Trojan.