Outlook Express crash

2 August, 2011

Outlook Express is rather limited in the amount of data it can access.  The maximum is around 2 GB in any folder such as Inbox, Sent Items and so on.  A customer recently lost a lot of emails … there were many thousands that had accumulated for years.  When I check the hidden Inbox file (known as a dbx file) I found that it was about 2.7 GB.

I tried to import the data into another email program that could handle that amount of data only to find that the file was corrupt and unreadable.  Clearly the Outlook Express had been struggling and the result was a corrupted file.

So, the moral of the story is, do some house-keeping on your email if you use Outlook Express.  Some of the older versions of Outlook also suffer from a similar problem.  Get rid of old unwanted emails in the Inbox.  Clear the Sent Items folder of email traffic you no longer need.  Empty the Deleted Items folder.  And do it before it is too late.