Passwords are the bane of my life

Passwords. Bane of my life and many of my clients.  We are told that we must not use the same password for everything and that they must be secure. In other words they should contain letters and numbers and possibly some other characters such as * # + and so on. Ideally there should be upper and lower case letters and in the extreme the letters should not spell anything or a hacker could use some sort of dictionary cracking tool.

The problem then is that we can’t remember our passwords so we write them down and security has gone out of the window.

But for me, the problem very commonly is where I have a client whose broadband connection or email has a problem and the password needs to be re-entered. What happens.  Yes, you’ve got it. They can’t remember the password so we have to phone the ISP and get someone a very long way away who has an accent that is difficult to understand either trying to tell us what the password is or having to reset it.

Well, that’s my moan for the day over!