Phone scammers

Important warning – Don’t fall prey to the phone scammers

Another customer today fell prey to the phone scammers.  He received a phone call from a man with an Indian accent who said that he was from Windows and had been licensed by Microsoft to help people who had computer problems. He then went on to say that it had been detected that the person’s computer had had some problems.  Unfortunately, there had been some difficulty with email with Outlook Express getting rejected password messages.

The customer was directed to open a webpage, click on a link that would then allow the caller to take over control of the computer and put things right.  They said that the charge for this would be £80 although they did not take any card details or money.  They just simply started wandering around the hard drive presumably looking for useful identity details to steal.

Fortunately my customer then became suspicious and phoned me. I told him to immediately unplug the router to disconnect the remote access.  He then received a number of very insistent phone calls telling him to reconnect the computer.

When I arrived I found that they had installed the completely legitimate program “Logmein” that would enable them to remotely access the computer again in the future.  This was removed and I also changed the customers email password.  Hopefully, all will be all right now.

Problem with Outlook Express

Another customer was having difficulty with Outlook Express in Windows XP becoming rather unstable.  The cause was quickly found. The Inbox contained many thousands of messages, a significant number of which had not even been read as they were junk.  There were also many thousands in the Sent Items folder and the Archive folder.  Outlook Express folders must not be larger than 2GB and I have generally found that when the size gets over 1 GB the program becomes less stable. It is important to delete old and unwanted emails and ensure that the Deleted Items folder is also emptied.