Phone scams are are worldwide problem

October 29, 2011

I haven’t had any reports recently of scam phone calls that say that your computer is either infected or is creating lots of error messages.  But that does not mean that the scammers have given up.  They are simply targetting a different area.  And it is a worldwide problem.

By keeping my eye on computer reports from around the world I have today picked up these two.  The first is from The Kingston People, that’s Kingston upon Thames, where the local Council are warning people about calls saying they are from a well known computer company.  The second report is from a TV website in Grand Junction, Colorado who say that people are receiving scam calls from someone posing as Microsoft.  Well, Microsoft definitely do not call people.  And I don’t know of any other computer company that would make such calls.

Just don’t accept such calls.  If you are worried and live in my area of the UK CT post code region call me.