Phone scams are still a major problem

February 14, 2012

The problem of scam phone calls continues with lots of reports in the UK and around the world.  There must be a lot or criminal organisations running these scams.  The caller says that they are from Microsoft or Windows or that they represent Microsoft and that they are Microsoft Certified.  They claim that your computer has got errors or is running slowly or is infected.  DON’T BELIEVE THEM!

I recently dealt with two cases where the home computer users were conned into letting the phone callers to have remote access into their computer and they parted with £160 together with their credit card details.  The scammers did nothing beneficial to their computers but they did have the time to root around the hard drive to look for confidential information.  They also left remote access applications that could have allowed future entry.

In recent Google news links I have come accross lots of reports of these scams.  You may wish to read some of them: from Shropshire, Bromsgrove, Worksop and a couple from abroad Cowichan Canada and Hawaii.

You have been warned!  And think logically. How can anyone phone up saying your computer has got errors, or is running slowly or has a virus unless they had already hacked into the machine.  If they had already hacked the machine you should know that they are criminals.