Powerline network

29 July, 2011

I have just solved a networking problem for a customer using D-Link adapters.  Their problem was that the wireless router was at one side of the house and one of their computers at the other side trying to connect via WiFi.  The signal was very weak as it had to pass through thick walls, furniture and a large aquarium!

With the D-Link Powerline adapter you use the house mains circuit to carry the network signal.  There is no need for extra wiring.  One adapter plugs into a mains socket by the router and is connected with a network cable.  A similar adapter is plugged into a mains socket by the PC and that is connected to the computer by a network cable.  The units I used transmit at a 200 Mbps speed and so are completely adequate for the networking demands.

D-Link PowerlineD-Link Powerline

You can use similar units to improve the WiFi coverage around your house.  For example, if your router is downstairs and the WiFi signal upstairs is poor you can use the units shown below.  As before, you connect the router t with a network cable to one adapter and in the other part of the house you plug in an adapter that has a wireless-N transmitter.  Problem solved!

D-Link Wireless-N