Sacrifices with Windows 10

June 12th, 2015

If you upgrade your system to Windows 10 you will find that you lose some features.  You may find that such sacrifices are no big hassle, but here they are:

1. If you have the Home Edition of Windows 10 you will have no choice over when to install Windows updates.  They will occur when Microsoft decide, not you.

2. There will be no Media Centre.  This means for example that you will have to install a third party app such as VLC Player to play back DVDs.  Personally, I think that this is not a big issue as VLC player is (at the moment) free and I think that it works better than Media Player.

3. Desktop gadgets will no longer be available.  These were introduced with Vista’s side bar.  Some of you may like them, but personally I am glad to see the back of them as the side bar and its gadgets slowed the computer down quite significantly.

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