Scam phone calls

Yesterday I received a phone call that made me laugh! However, the content of the call was rather serious and it only made me laugh because of who I am and what I do.

A man spoke to me from a large call centre judging from the background noise … unless of course it was a man by himself with a recording of the noise of a large call centre to make the communication sound more legitimate.  He had an Indian or Pakistani accent. He said that he was licensed from Microsoft Windows and that it had been detected that my computer had problems and had sent a number of error messages to Microsoft.

At this point I started laughing and told him that I was a qualified Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and that he was a criminal.  Funnily enough, he cut the call immediately.

Look at my blog entries from the 13th May and 23rd February, which relate to the cases of customers who were unfortunately taken in by this scam. They allowed the caller to gain remote access to their computer which potentially opens them up to identity theft and the loss of important usernames and passwords. Remote access applications were left on the computer that would have allowed future more covert access.

Funnily enough, I received a phone call yesterday evening from a customer who had what sounded like the same phone call. Fortunately, he had the sense to tell them to go away immediately.

So, beware, if you receive a phone call from someone saying that they represent Microsoft and or Windows and that you computer has errors, tell them to go away immediately.  Microsoft does not do cold calling and they do not get anyone else to do it on their behalf.