Security Tools fake security program

Dealt with yet another fake security program today … one called “Security Tools”.  Some security.  It is an infection itself, falsely says that your computer is infected with loads of spyware and trojans and then asks you to register, pay your money and it will then cure everything! Unfortunately some people go into a panic and pay up thus giving criminals money and their credit card details. Fortunately today’s client called me instead and I cleared the nasty little thing quickly.

I deal with lots of these things.  In more recent times I started recording details of the security protection the client had loaded and that should have prevented the problem.  So for your interest here are the results:

Out of 16 computers with fake security scareware:

  • 4 had no security program installed
  • 6 had McAfee Security
  • 5 had AVG free
  • 1 had Avira

Draw your own conclusions!