Security Tools Vista

Guess what!  Removed two more cases of fake security infections on Saturday. One was the same as last week but the other was called “Security Tools Vista”. This latter one was particularly nasty as it would not allow me to install or run the usual scanning tools I use to get rid of them … even inSafe Mode. Had to use my wits to chase it down, find where is was lurking in the file system and registry and manually rip it out.  I won!

And guess what.  In both of these cases the computer was installed with McAfee.  Again, draw your own conclusions.

Just completed a course on “Asbestos Awareness” at Safety & Management Solutions Ltd, Manston. Why you might ask … occasionally I have to drill through wall to put in network cabling. It’s nice to know what I’m drilling into. Many thanks to Paul at SAMS for the excellent course.