Broadband connection and speed

I can help with all your broadband connection problems. However, you may find that you can quickly and easily solve any problem yourself by following the steps below.

Broadband connection problems

  • Is the broadband connection device (USB modem or router) synchronising with the phone line all right?  Are the correct lights coming on?
  • Check the broadband filters. All phone devices in the house on the same number MUST have a filter.  This includes phones, faxes, extension bells, Sky TV boxes etc.
  • Is the connection username and password correct? Make sure that you keep a record of these details.
  • If you do not appear to have a router broadband connection, switch the router off for about 30 seconds, switch it on again, wait for all of the lights to come on and see if you reconnect.

Does your connection seem slow?

You can test your broadband speed very easily using websites designed for the purpose. I use either:  or

Both of these websites require that you have Java installed on your computer but if you haven’t you will be directed to a site to download Java (it is free).

If your speed result is far less than you are paying for it may be worth firstly checking your home phone wiring.  Also, have all devices got broadband filters fitted?

After that, phone your ISP and report your slow speed.  They will probably do a remote link check although many companies claim that the line is all right and that the problem must be in your house.  On a number of occasions I have found that this is not the case.  In one situation road works had severed the line and the ISP claimed the line was all right!

If you have continued problems, call me.