Virus removal

A virus is a bit of computer programming that can damage files, delete files or even reformat the hard drive. Some viruses are not quite so serious but merely make the computer do odd things such as open up windows of text, images, video or audio messages. In the least, they slow a computer down. At their worst, they cause loss of data or the computer to completely crash.

Viruses are self replicating but not self propagating. They need to be sent from computer to computer by human intervention.

For assistance and advice in removing viruses from your computer, call me.


Worms are similar to viruses except that they can propagate by themselves from computer to computer across and network or the internet.


Trojans or Trojan Horses are computer programs that must be executed by the user. The user is generally tricked into this. Once the Trojan has been executed there are many things it may do such as send out confidential information via a computer backdoor, send spam E-mail, enabling remote access to the computer, taking screen shots etc. They are serious threats to your security. e.g. you could have your Internet Banking details seriously compromised by a Trojan and find that lots of money can be taken out of you bank account.

Fake security programs

There is an increasing problem with fake antivirus and antispyware removal programs around the Internet at the moment. Even if you have an up-to-date security program installed on your computer, these fakes can still get in. They say that your machine is infected, suggest that you scan and then ask for £50 to £60 to remove the problem. The invading program often looks like it’s from Microsoft or one of the legitimate security program vendors so it is easy to be taken in. A reasonable assumption is that if you did not ask for the program, it is fake and unwelcome. Microsoft and other real companies do not work like that.

If you pay up, you will have given your credit card details to criminals and will have lost your money straight away. Your computer will still be infected.

These problems have regularly been mentioned by the news media and have been around for quite a long time. I have been dealing with them for about three years now.

What to do if it happens to you

If you suddenly get a pop up that states that your computer is infected with viruses, Trojans or spyware, possibly giving you a list of all the infections, it is a FAKE.

Do not click on it even on the X in the corner to close it. Doing so will certainly make your computer infected.

To close the pop up press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to start up the computer’s Task Manager. The pop up window should be listed on the Applications tab. Click on it to highlight it and then press the End Task button. Unfortunately, some of these infections prevent you from starting Task Manager. Your best remedy then is simply close the computer down and call me.

If you managed to close the pop up window run a full scan with your antivirus and antispyware program with the hope that the infections are identified and removed. If the problem persists after that, call me.

If you have already clicked on the pop up and you get to the stage where it asks for money to remove the infections, DON’T PAY. You will be sending your card details and money to criminals and your computer will remain infected and probably get worse.

If you want help removing any infections call me.