Viruses and security

6 September, 2011

I recently had to deal with a very nasty virus on a client’s computer.  It was the type of virus known as a rootkit virus and was loaded on boot up.  All of the icons on the desktop and start menu  disappeared and the documents folder appeared to be empty.  It was impossible to start the machine and run a virus scan.  Nothing seemed to work except a program that was reporting hardware errors and infections.  This was a second infection of the fake or scareware type I have mentioned in previous blogs.

I removed the hard drive, connected the drive to one of my computers via a USB adapter and ran a scan using Kaspersky Internet Security installed on my machine.  That found the infected files and removed them.  Later however I still found that desktop and start menu icons were missing as well as all the data.  It turned out that the virus had changed the Registry and converted all files to hidden ones.  Once the status of files had been reversed and the Registry adjusted all was well.  Icons and data back.

The client’s computer had Webroot Internet Security installed.  It clearly had not done the job.  I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security which is something you can install for yourself or ask me to do for you.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

If you do any Internet Banking or use your credit card on line I think that you are highly advised to use Kaspersky.  If however you do not want to pay the annual subscription make use of one of the free antivirus programs.  The new version of the free AVG has recently been released, AVG 2012.  If you would like to read a review of the new AVG click to look at Cnet News.