What does a fake security program look like?

Sorry I haven’t written for ages. The computer I use to update the website crashed.  Yes, it happens to me as well!  What with loads of work and taking all of the bank holidays off I’ve only just got around to sorting it out but I’m back now.

Recently dealt with 2 cases of Fake Security programs on client’s computers and in both cases they had McAfee Security installed.  I had another case referred to me by a school teacher.  She had one of these scams briefly flash up on her screen but it rapidly disappear red. She had Kaspersky Internet Security installed and it deal with the problem.  It just goes to show that some popular security programs are better than others.  I have been recommencing Kaspersky for about 5 years now.

If you are not sure what a fake security program looks like, and I hope that you are not, look at the screen grabs below from one of my client’s computer.

This is “AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011. It initially locks the computer up and in Vista darkens the screen.  Don’t press the “Licence Key” button.  You might be able to kill it via Task Manager but if you can’t try booting into Safe Mode. You may also see the next screen:

425 threats! I doubt it but you certainly have a few including the program itself.  If you get one of these annoying problems, you could try downloading MalwareBytes AntiMalware and running it. It wiil often sort the problem out. If not, just call me.  I’ve dealt with so many of these now that I’m getting quite quick at it!