Windows 10 will be available from 29th July 2015

Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 (and don’t forget, there is no Windows 9!) will be released on 29th July 2015.  Window 8 tried, and many would say failed, to combine both tablet and PC together in the one OS.  Windows 10 is designed to be a universal operating system that will function across PC, tablet and smart phone equally well.  If you want to read more look at the Expert Reviews Website.

Microsoft have also announced that Windows 10 will be their last operating system.  After that your system will continue to receive updates.

And the most amazing thing of all is that current users of Windows 7 or 8 can get Windows 10 for FREE, yes FREE provided you run the upgrade in the first year of release.  You may have already received early notification.  I have.  Here is a screen shot of the notification area in my Windows 7 PC

Capture  If you click the Windows symbol on the left a dialogue will pop up enabling you to register for the update.  Once you have done that Microsoft will inform you by email when the update for your PC is available.  You can read more about this process again at the Expert Reviews Website.